About Pat Roberts

I am a woman on a mission to convert people to air drying washing instead of using electric dryers,
which are the second the second highest household energy users in the World today

About Pat Roberts

How it all started

My name is Pat Roberts and when living in an apartment (with a balcony) many years ago, there was only an electric dryer to dry washing and no clothesline. I have always had an aversion to using electric dryers because they ruin clothes, are expensive to run and can be a fire hazard. Air drying doesn’t cost a cent, saves energy and reduces power bills.

I set about trying to find a clothesline which I could use inside to utilize household heating but I could not find anything to accommodate large sheets. It was at this stage that I realized that there was a need for a portable clothesline which would hold king and queen sheets and which could be placed anywhere for effective drying.

I drew up a rough design and approached a designer/manufacturer but he said that to build the prototypes and get the product to the production stage it would cost about $150,000. Well that was that for the time being and my wonderful idea had to go on hold. But I didn’t give up!

Eleven years later…

Eleven years later (in 1994), my late friend, who was a retired engineer, Mike Marley helped fine tune the design and after 3 prototypes were built, we settled on the one which has been on the market ever since. If it wasn’t for Mike’s help, Mrs Peggs wouldn’t be where it is today.

One of the first things I had to do was to secure the design by way of a patent and registered design and then come up with a logo and trade mark. I wanted to use the word “peg” in the name of the product so we decided on Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line. In 1995 the company Mrs Pegg’s Products Pty Ltd was incorporated.

Coming from a secretarial background, to be sourcing nuts, bolts, washers, aluminum of different shapes, thicknesses and sizes was completely foreign to me. Then I had the task of finding a factory to manufacture the product, and a powder coater to make the aluminum more durable, even though it didn’t rust. The cost of manufacture and also powder coating varied so much it was quite unbelievable to say the least. After some hunting around, I found a fabricator who also did powder coating. He could only manufacture the product between powder-coating work, but that suited me at the time as I had a lot of work to do to get the product on the market.

Going Australia wide

My husband John, assembled the first 600 units in our garage and after that, the Phoenix Society assembled them. As we grew the Phoenix Society who employs people with varying degrees of disabilities took on component manufacture until 2002.

From my home office I handled the advertising, administration and dispatched the Handy Lines from our garage. Couriers would call everyday to distribute stock throughout Adelaide, & South Australia, Brisbane & Queensland, Sydney & New South Wales, Melbourne & Victoria, Perth & Western Australia, Hobart & Tasmania, Darwin & the Northern Territory.

From the garage to a world market

Orders for the Handy Lines are now processed and dispatched from our Sales Office and Warehouse in Adelaide, South Australia and of course, Brisbane & Queensland, Sydney & New South Wales, Melbourne & Victoria, Perth & Western Australia, Hobart & Tasmania, Darwin & the Northern Territory.

Our success is due to a high quality product

The success of our portable indoor/outdoor clotheslines has been unbelievable because the Handy Lines are a high quality, long lasting portable clothesline. Our indoor/outdoor clotheslines solve a drying problem for so many people. With so much emphasis on saving energy and our environment, people just love the idea of being able to air dry their laundry in all weather conditions, and of course, by not having to use an electric dryer, they cut their power bills.

The Handy Lines are the perfect alternative to conventional clotheslines, electric dryers and double as airers as well, so there is no laundry double handling. Constructed of powder-coated aluminium, they are lightweight, and ultra strong, hold loads of washing and fold flat for storage. Just fold the indoor/outdoor clothesline and hang it up! Four king sheets will fit on the large Handy Line and the smaller line holds 4 queen sheets.

The Handy Lines can be placed anywhere in the sun, undercover when it’s really hot or raining, or inside an apartment where household heating can be utilized. Ideal for busy people the clothes drying rack can handle a load of washing at any time in any weather.




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